From Dim Sum & Chilli Crab to Pho & Kimchi. There’s lots to get excited about.

Our future

We’re already the leading supplier of Indian and Oriental prepared meals in the retail sector. However, we don’t plan to stop there. Inspired by the drive and ambition that Lord Noon was famous for, our business is always looking for new ways to deliver more for our customers and the public.

Looking further afield

As the UK’s obsession with new foods continues to grow, we’re taking our influences from right across the world.

New restaurants are appearing all the time. The Pop-Up food revolution has taken the country by storm. Street food, a staple in Asia, is more popular than it’s ever been.

Finding ways to translate all this into ready made food for the supermarkets is an exciting challenge. We’re feeling inspired, so watch this space!

From Dim Sum in Hong Kong, Chill Crab in Singapore, Pho in Vietnam, Kimchi in Korea and Satay in Indonesia, there are so many recipes and ingredients to get excited about. And we’re working with some of the biggest names in the retail market to make sure customers get to experience it all.

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