From 4 recipes
to over 400. And we won’t be stopping there.

What we do

Noon may have only started with four recipes, but we’ve come a long way since then. We’re now the leading supplier of Indian and Oriental prepared meals in the Retail Sector and we’re continuing to explore and experiment with new tastes from all over the world.


Samosas, bahjis, spring rolls and much more. Our chefs pour as much effort into creating our snacks as they do our meals. And we make sure that effort isn’t wasted – our snacks are put together by hand; each one given the care it deserves.


Traditional cooking methods, carefully selected spices and fresh ingredients are the secrets to the success of our ready meals. We pride ourselves on making sure every meal that leaves our kitchen is packed full of authentic flavour.


In India, it is only naan if it is cooked in a tandoor. The same goes at Noon. Every naan bread that leaves our kitchen has been hand cooked in one of our tandoor ovens. It’s one of the many details that stands us apart from the competition.